Stone Art

Stone Art techniques - directions for use:

Stone Art is a kind of Paper Mache with an exceptional composition. You can make self-hardening clay by mixing it with Powertex and create all kind of textures and bluestone effects. You can use Stone Art in different ways.

1. Mixing clay and sculpting: Mix the same quantities of Powertex and Stone Art together, knead it all by hand and continue to add Stone Art until you obtain something that looks like bread dough which does not stick to your hands anymore. If the clay is too dry, add more Powertex. If the clay is too wet and sticks to your hands, just add more Stone Art. With this clay you can sculpt and apply texture on a wet Powertex layer.

2. Application of textures: a. Fine textures on an existing object or canvas. 

The easiest way is to work on a ready made base, such as polystyrene, plaster or on a self-made statue in aluminum foil (covered with masking tape). Coat your object with Powertex, let dry a bit, sprinkle some Stone Art powder into the wet layer and rub off the excess. Using Stone Art on top of Powertex Lead provides a unique bluestone effect. Repeat this until you get the desired result.

b. For more coarse textures: treat the surface as in 1a. Apply Powertex again and add some pieces of clay (by mixing Powertex with Stone Art). We will now apply a second layer of Stone Art to obtain more texture. Re-use the Stone Art waste. You can repeat this process several times, until the desired thickness and texture is obtained. Powertex can also be polished. Apply Powertex on your statue, sprinkle Stone Art over it and rub off. Apply Powertex again at the areas where you want to apply more highlights. A shiny effect is created by rubbing with the palm of your hand: the powder rubs off and the shiny effect comes out. Repeat the polishing until the desired effect has been obtained. The more you polish, the darker the effect will be. If you are planning to place your statue outside, please note that the powder is not weather proof and must be treated with Easy Varnish. We recommend using Easy Varnish to complete your project: when it’s completely hardened (after 6 weeks), apply at least two layers before placing outside. Unfortunately the Stone Art powder can become a little yellow after varnishing. In order to prevent this you can add some Powercolor Titanium White to the Stone Art before applying Easy Varnish.

3.Clay crackling with pigments: Make clay as described in 1. Flatten the ball of clay, made from Stone Art and Powertex Bronze, until it reaches a thickness of maximum 2cm. Sprinkle different Powercolors or Colortricx over it, rub the pigments open by hand and repeat the same process on the other side. Roll the clay, using a rolling pin or an empty bottle, until it is just a few millimeters thick. While rolling, cracks will appear. Always roll from the inside out with even pressure.

4. Mixing paste: Add Stone Art to Powertex until you get a flexible paste that can be spread with a spatula. (smooth texture=less Stone Art/ coarse texture=more Stone Art.)