Rusty Powder

Rusty Powder 95g

Ref. 0295

Instructions for 3D Art Work

Choose a light coloured Powertex such as Ivory, Yellow Ochre, Terracotta or Red, or mix some Ivory with any colour of Powertex. On the right is Powertex Blue mixed with Ivory. Apply one layer of Powertex onto your object and leave to dry. Meanwhile make a smooth paste in a cup with Powertex + 3D Sand. Add between 10 and 25% Rust powder to a mouse-gray colour. Add a dash of vinegar and a dash of water and mix again. 

Apply a layer of this paste with a brush or palette knife onto the object. For different shades and effects sprinkle a little bit of the powder on the wet paste and press in. The more Rust Powder added the darker the result, the more vinegar the darker the result. Fill a spray bottle with water and max 50% vinegar and spray over the object a few times. (More vinegar gives faster and darker rust effect. You can add in layers, one on top of the other. 

Please note: when you place objects outside the surface can continue to rust due to acid rain.

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