Powertex is choosing quality

Our selection of plaster figurines is of very high quality. We offer you several collections like the African, Egyptian, Buddha, Venetian, Masai, Geisha and Christmas collection. Why choose our plaster? The quality of our plaster comes close to a porcelain finish, and Powertex adheres very well to plaster. Powertex does not adhere to plastic, which is why we don't use resin figurines.


Plaster Instructions:

Apply a layer of Powertex (colour of your choice) onto the plaster figurine. Apply a second layer if desired and let dry.

Dry-brush with Easy Varnish and a pigment of your choice. To do this we recommend that you use a flat brush that is fairly dry.
Finish the figurine with a layer of Easy Varnish, especially when the figurine is meant to go outside.
Plaster will stay porous and needs to be protected in order to be weatherproof.
Tip: For the African and Masai collection, use a mixture of Powertex Bronze and a little Colortricx Bronze Gold to finish the faces.
Tip: For the European collection and Geisha, use Powertex Ivory with a little Bister to finish the faces.